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Everyone is on the #KobeSystem

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In a new ad from Nike Basketball, professional skateboarder Paul Rodriguez admits he initially believed the #KobeSystem was a pyramid scheme. Thanks to Serena Williams' advice, he now knows it's Kobe laying down some real truths. "Truths that you didn't even know were even true," he adds, "Until you realize they were more truthful than anything you've ever known to be true." Aziz Ansari became a true believer when he saw Kobe perform at a comedy club, a set culminating in the hilarious punch line, "And that's why I won't let my dog sleep in my house anymore." Unprecedented. Finally, a third video reveals testimony from a veritable who's who of successful athletes, entertainers, businessmen and motivators: Jerry Rice, Landon Donovan, Leehom Wang, Hope Solo, Richard Branson, Serena Williams, Tony Robbins and Kanye West. They're all onboard the Kobe System. Are you?