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Nikon D4 - "Why Athletes?" | HD Movie

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Unfortunately sometimes, it isn't about the better design or the most suitable function, but the simple fact of which was available first. This is especially true in the aspect of High Definition video production and digital SLR camera. Since the 2008 introduction of its 5D Mark II, Canon's been the go-to gear of videographers and cinematographers, despite the fact Nikon also offers similar HD capabilities in its DSLR some years later. To truly realign the perception and that its new flagship model is on par with some of the best camera out there, Nikon went out of its way by designating the D4 as a "multimedia camera". It also enlisted the help of kayaker Dane Jackson, mountain bike Rebecca Rusch, and rock climber Alex Honnold, in the production of "Why Athletes?", a 7-minute short film in HD shot entirely on D4. If the old saying "Seeing is believing", then this video would be it.