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Alien vs. Predator Chess Set | By Joker-laugh

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While the plot of the 2004 movie Alien vs. Predator didn’t hit all the right chords with those who liked each individually, at least we can all agree on the fact that the custom made Alien vs. Predator Chess Set created by deviantArt member Joker-Laugh is pretty amazing. The board is 25″ x 25″ and is constructed of both wood and small stone tiles designed to look like the pyramid temple used by the Predators. The pieces on both sides are easy to keep in order as the game progresses with, on the Predator side, cloaked and visible pawns each with their own skull collections and, on the Alien side, the Alien queen and eggs at various stages of development, including a few facehuggers. After taking more looks at this one-of-a-kind set after the jump, you can’t deny that the hours of meticulous work put in by Joker-Laugh easily tops other theme sets out there. via: MAKE