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Human Made - Campus Sweat

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What makes some vintage clothing special is its high quality construction and well thought out designs. Perhaps the current fast fashion does not require pieces to last longer than the seasonal trends. NIGO envisioned Human Made to follow in the footsteps of vintage clothing, where products are made with the highest quality in mind. The latest Campus Sweat is made in Japan, using 100% cotton heavyweight fleece sweatshirt in the basic, gray colorway. A red applique patch is sewn on the front and back with the initials 'H' and 'M'. One playful detail on this sweat are the V inserts on the front and back neck, giving an impression that it is worn back to front. This item is currently available through HAVEN in Canada.

HAVEN Flagship
10528 108 Street NW | Map
Edmonton, AB Canada

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7 Gaoler's Mews | Map
Vancouver, BC Canada