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Affinity Cycles Shop Profile

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Brooklyn's Affinity Cycles has been at the forefront of the fixed gear bike movement since the beginning. Amitabh Joshi, a film student at New York City's School of Visual Arts and a regular customer at Affinity, shot a video profile of the shop as part of a school film project. The clip introduces founder and CEO Jason Gallacher, who characterizes Affinity as equal parts club house, business and operation, but ultimately something he simply loves to do. Shop mechanic Sammy Lopez explains that track bikes became popular with messengers because of the low maintenance factor, as the bike's components are little more than a chain, crank and wheels. Takuya Sakamoto, a former messenger, outlines the pivotal role that cheap Japanese Keirin bike frames played in bringing the popularity of track bikes to the United States. Check out the video after the click.