CONVERSE Rubber Tracks - Launching Original Short Films Series


Not only does CONVERSE provide musicians with free recording time through its Rubber Tracks studio, the company is launching an online series of original short films featuring a select group of artists in the studio. Each film will document a different facet of the recording experience, ultimately giving the amateur musicians an unprecedented level of exposure through the Rubber Tracks website. Those films include: "Oh Hello," which introduces individual artists and profiles their sound; "Track of the Week," offering a behind-the-scenes look at the recording of the track of the week (this week's selection is from the Beijing indie-rock band Hedgehog); "Rubber Meets the Road," a multi-episode series that chronicles the life of a touring band as they make their way to Rubber Tracks in Brooklyn (featuring Chicago experimental rock band YAWN); and more. Check out all the films at the Rubber Tracks site.