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Loopwheeler - Multi-Color Light Hoodies

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There is probably no reason to explain why the Loopwheeler fabrics are much higher quality than the average cotton fabrics. Although its high quality has now become the standard for their product range, leading them to create the multi-colored pieces to differentiate against the competition. Each season sees several new multi-colored items launch and these two Multi-Color Light Hoodies have been developed this year. The top design is called Marine Multi, made up of five different fabrics, while the bottom piece is constructed using eight colored fabrics, hence the name Super Multi. Both of these hoodies are scheduled to arrive at Loopwheeler stores and stockists very soon.

Loopwheeler Osaka
4-12-23 Minamisenba | Map
Chuo-ku, Osaka Japan
TEL #: 06-6484-6708