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spnKiX - Wearable Mobility

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Los Angeles-based product designer Peter Treadway has developed the spnKIX, a pair of motorized skates that come with straps so you can wear them with the shoes you already have on. Once you're strapped in, you press the button on your handheld wireless remote and presto, you're moving at speeds up to ten miles per hour. Power is provided by a motor inside each wheel and a removable battery pack housed in the fiber-reinforced nylon frame. A full charge lasts two to three miles, while it takes two hours to charge up the device. A glance at the spnKIX Kickstarter page reveals Treadway has already raised $87,498 for these miniature Segways for your feet, with the first shipments scheduled for March 2012. Check out an introductory video after the click.