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VIZIO XVT 3D Cinemawide TV

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Moviebuffs, hopefully you're already sitting down. If not, you may want to hold onto something once you get a look at the newly unvieled XVT 3D Cineawide TV by Vizio, which actually delivers theater-style 21:9 aspect display using a monster 72-inch 480Hz LCD. The 2560 x 1080 passive 3D HD display is made of a new anti-reflective material that prevents nearby light or those annoying black bars from ruining your viewing experience. And when you're not being blown away by the XVT's ability to bring the theater to your living room, the built-in Apps put top internet and online services at your fingertips, including Hulu Plus, Facebook, Flicker, Netflix, Pandora, Twitter and Yahoo!. The 72-inch Vizio XVT 3D is set to hit stores later this year along with models in two other sizes, 50 and 58 inches, each with a QWERTY keyboard integrated into the universal remote control.