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Fresh + Creative - Vita Yang

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Produced by: Dan Hwang
Written by: Poe

As the culture of "need to see now" has begun to command the way style is communicated to the masses, the popular attitude toward fashion illustration gradually became like that of the steam locomotive: reliable, yet just a novelty. Then, a curious thing happened over the past few years--a resurgence of the art form. Maybe it's because the blogs, e-zines, and others have finally took to this nearly neglected expression of creativity. Or maybe it's that the newcomers have arrived with a new set of concepts between art and fashion--newcomers like illustrator Vita Yang.




While she identifies herself only as an illustrator, this is actually a misnomer that the modest Yang applies.  Unlike some of her peers, Vita Yang was a trained fashion accessories designer. Originally from Taiwan, she went on to De Montfort University in England and secured a Master of the Arts degree in Footwear Design. She continued gaining experience at her subsequent jobs within the footwear industry, though, like many creative types, there was this tugging sense of creativity from observing the things around her.  Before long, she started designing patterns and sketching out illustrations. The first commissioned project that brought her work to the public's attention was her inclusion in Vogue Taiwan in 2008.  Then came other magazines and advertisers. She became one of the chosen few to participate in England's "The Most Fabulous Competition of Fifi Lapin", better known as "The Most Stylish Bunny." But Yang's big break came in 2010, when she won the Geisai Taiwan 2 NIGO Prize, an exhibition organized by Takashi Murakami for the sole purpose of seeking out new artists.  For our readers, if there's some sense of familiarity to Vita Yang's works, it is most likely because of her contributions to the lookbook of both seasons 2 and 3 of HUMAN MADE, the new fashion label by NIGO.


So, for the first 2012 installment of Fresh + Creative, we would like to introduce the illustrations of artist/designer Vita Yang.