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NEXX - Looxcie Handsfree Video Camera


Hands-free phones are now widely available thanks to the advent of Bluetooth, with seemingly every sidewalk populated by that one dude who seems to be talking to himself. So why did it take so long for a hands-free video camera to hit the market as well? Well regardless it's here, as the gadget makers at NEXX are coming with the Looxcie Handsfree Video Camera, a James Bond looking gadget that clips on to the ear for a first-person perspective in your shots. The little thing can even stream videos, a must for when you want to demo your buttermilk pancakes recipe to your thousands of Twitter followers. Seriously though, the Looxcie Handsfree Video Camera from NEXX is a powerful camera and a great foray into the next generation of video. Follow us after the jump for some extra shots of the product as well as a short clip that was recorded with the Looxcie Handsfree Video Camera.