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PROJECT Show New York KARHU: Fulcrum Star Punkalive - Fall 2012

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Just how do you exactly revive a 96 years old athletic label? An unenviable task though the new design team at KARHU found their answer almost by default. By pairing its iconic Fulcrum Star sneaker with furniture maker PUNKALIVE, KARHU is able to highlight its Scandinavian design roots. Whereas the general release edition of the sneaker offers a high-density foam as the midsole insert, PUNKALIVE added lightweight balsa wood instead. The outcome not only retain the lightweight nature and comfort level of the KARHU Fulcrum Star. The limited edition also incorporates the inherent appreciation of simple design by Scandinavians. Set to launch this Fall at select retailers, in the meantime, interested parties can view KARHU's entire collection at PROJECT Show in New York City today and tomorrow.