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UNDERCOVER - Spring/Summer 2012 Collection | Video

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UNDERCOVER is starting to exploring the visual realm in a completely different way in their latest promotional video for the forthcoming Spring/Summer 2012 collection. A video lookbook if you will, the openstrings collection is showcased in an almost runway-like fashion. In the background, a two piece band plays eclectic tunes through their electric guitars, while models take their position on the revolving stage. This method works perfectly to highlight the collection, as each style needs to be viewed from front and back to be fully appreciated. Many of the pieces are created to form an illusion of a complete layered style, yet from the back it is apparent that all of the layers are actually sewn together as one garment.

Apart from showing the collection, Jun Takahashi invited the legendary Japanese rock singer and actor Yuya Uchida for the introduction of this video. Uchida expresses hardship Japan is still facing today even after almost a year since the devastation from the earthquakes, tunamis and nuclear meltdown. The video can be seen in full after the jump.