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Nike and Apple To Jointly Develop Smart Clothing | Rumor

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Despite its immense popularity, the Nike+ system isn't perfect. For one thing, its performance metrics only measures running. One other element missing is it doesn't measure how your body responses during the run, like heart rate monitoring. Improvements to the system might be here already thanks to the program's original partner, Apple. Filed as patent 8,099,258 with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office is the preliminary description for "smart garment". Expand upon the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit, the patent described clothing with sensors transmitting data, wired or wirelessly, to an processing device like a Nike+ Sportwatch GPS. In addition, these next-gen sensors can also acquire information about the clothing's performance, thus truly makes the clothing "smart". Applicable not only to clothing but footwear as well, in fact the patent application feature diagrams awfully similar to Nike sneakers, adding to the speculation that this Thursday's announcements by Apple and Nike in New York City might include this development. via: igoeIP

*NOTE* Since information on the patent was made public, diagrams on its filing have disappeared somehow, leaving this paltry sketch...