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Eye of America - 35-Foot Long Film Camera | Video

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Usually when people tell you to think "big picture," they're not thinking as literally as Dennis Manarchy, who just finished creating the prototype of a one-of-a-kind 35-foot-long camera he calls Eye of America. As a part of his upcoming Kickstarter-backed photography series and rolling exhibit, Vanishing Cultures, Manarchy will use his mega-camera to take portraits of people around the United States who represent each culture within this great mixing pot of a country. After rolling up to his subject via truck, each picture Manarchy snaps will produce a set of negatives that measure 6' by 4.5' each, which will then be fit together to create prints that can measure up to two stories tall. Those not lucky enough to be featured in Manarchy's viewfinder can still visit his exhibit to view the final pieces alongside their original negatives and even get a chance to walk inside the camera. Check out Manarchy's Kickstarter video that will feature when his page launches on February 1 after the jump to learn more about how you can help make his big dream a reality.