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Volkswagen - "The Bark Side" | Super Bowl Commercial Teaser

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From a black beetle speeding across the forest floor to a 5-year old wannabe Padawan, commercials for Volkswagen have took us to journeys far and beyond. For the upcoming Super Bowl XLVI, the most prized TV advertising real estate, VW has already set out its ad campaign 2 weeks before the actual game. In its teaser "The Bark Side", a group of mutts barked their ways to stardom on the back of Star Wars' Imperial March anthem by composer John Williams. Created by ad firm Deutsch LA and directed by Keith Schofield of Caviar, an actual audition was held with 40 hopefuls before 12 lucky man's best friends were chosen. All rehearsed and barked on cue with sound mix to become the final product. In less than 24 hours since the debut, the video has gone viral already, with 1 million views and counting... The Force is strong in this one...