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Mishka - Spring 2012 Outerwear Collection | Preview

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Mishka presents its outerwear collection for Spring 2012, ranging from classic American looks to sporty nylon and even a stone-washed denim number straight from Marty McFly's closet. The Class Cutter Canvas Jaket is traditionally styled, featuring a simple black exterior with striped cotton lining. The Swarm Windbreaker is constructed from lightweight black nylon with neon accents throughout, while the Lamour Keep Watch MA-1 is adorned with designer Lamour Supreme's take on the brand's signature eye logo. The Lamour Bomber, meanwhile, may appear to be a nondescript bomber jacket, until one opens it up and discovers the lining covered with Lamour's insane artwork. Finally, the Hog's Breath Denim Jacket provides a throwback flavor to the denim jacket with contrast-colored shoulders on both colorways. Check out all the looks following the click.