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Recon Instruments x Smith Optics - I/O Goggle with Head-Up Display | Video

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When its a life and death duel at a speed of 2000 feet per second, real-time situational awareness is crucial to your survivability. This is the reason fighter pilots have long rely on the head-up display in their cockpits to give them all crucial information without impeding their 360-degree perspicacity of the battlefield. Thanks to Recon Instruments and Smith Optics, you can now visualize essential data points on the slope as well. Embedded within the Smith Optics I/O Goggle, Recon Instruments MOD transceiver wirelessly connect with the Smartphone you carry and display real-time information such as text, emails, videos, weather conditions, and more on directly onto your field of vision as an in-lens LCD. You can even pull-up the GPS locator function to track your buddies, that is when you're not dodging the local ski patrol.