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G-Form - Apple iPad Extreme Sleeve 2 | Video

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"Extreme" is one way to describe just how much protection your iPad 2 will get from the new G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve 2. Looking like something NASA would wrap around a spacecraft reentering our atmosphere, the G-Form wraps your gadget in a PORON foamy embrace about an inch thick, keeping it safe from the dangers and airport security agents of the world. But, to prove just how safe your iPad 2 will be, G-Form has conducted a few tests to show that even extreme impacts to the case will keep your iPad safe and sound. And, G-Form really means extreme here; they've dropped it from an airplane 500 feet in the air and dropped a 12 pound bowling ball on it, and both times everything inside remained in working order. You can pick up the G-Form online in either a yellow or black/black colorway. via: