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HYT H1 - Hydro Mechanical Driven Watch

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As intangible as the concept of time, it certainly has not stop watchmaker from creating a physical facsimile of the notion. One such is the H1 from HYT. Though a newcomer in the competitive high-end watch market, the CEO of HYT (short for Hydro Mechanical Horologists) is the experienced horologist Vincent Perriard, who once headed Concord and the creation of Concord C1 Quantum Gravity, another technical advanced timepiece.

Housed in either a titanium, DLC-coated titanium, or rose gold enclosure, the H1 features two distinctive portions - a manual-wind mechanical movement made on 35 jewels with 65-hour of power reserve. But the most unique and fun aspect of the H1 must be its "hydro" system, a liquid filled ring on the dial face which tells the hour. Driven by 2 hydraulic pistons on the lower portion of the watch, 2 liquids circulate in the ring in intervals - the florescent alcohol-base fluid stipulate the hours while it is counteracts by a clear oil-base fluid. Because of this creative time-telling schematic, the HYT H1 can also be consider as the world's first hydro mechanical watch. Currently priced at $45,000 US for the titanium variant, the HYT H1 will officially debut at Switzerland's BASELWORLD in March.