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LEGO ReBrick - Official Social Media Platform for LEGO Maniacs

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LEGO Stormrapper by designholic*

Do you have an appetite for all things pixelated? How about racking up thousands of frequent flyer miles from your multiple visits to LEGOLAND? Let's face it, you have the classic symptoms of LEGO Maniac. While incurable, there are treatments to alleviate the insatiable craving, like ReBrick, a new social media platform for LEGO Maniacs.

No more filling your Facebook photo albums with your LEGO pics. ReBrick allows you to share your creations among your fellow maniacs and get instant feed-backs from them. The platform is still in its preliminary design phase, there won't be any complex features, yet. But unlike other social media, LEGO got some of its most devoted fans involved in ReBrick's developments. So expect a fury of activities to take place in the coming year. via: Wired