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LACOSTE x Citroën - Concept Car

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French automaker Citroen has gotten together with Lacoste on a concept car that takes its main inspiration from the French clothier's origins as a sportswear label. Consequently, wheels are built to resemble tennis balls, the dashboard fascia is reminiscent of a tennis net, and the upholstery fabric is the same type of pique cotton used on Lacoste tennis shirts. The sporty outdoors aesthetic is reinforced by the subtraction of doors and a roof (though there's an inflatable cover in the event of rain) and the addition of a retractable rear bench. Power comes courtesy of a 3-cylinder gasoline engine, though the point is somewhat academic as the vehicle isn't expected to enter production. Rather, the enterprise is about the expression of fun and an adventurous spirit. Click through for more looks, as well as a video interview with car designer Celine Venet. via: Pocket-Lint