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LEXDRAY - Classified Collection: Aspen Soft Case | Video

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Sure, we can delineate the core principles of function, style, quality and innovation that make up the Lexdray mission statement, but it's even more elemental than that: the brand represents the vision of one man, Alex Drayer, who's the founder, designer and creative director of the company. A frequent traveler, Alex surveyed his personal collection of luggage and bags and found them wanting, so he took bits and pieces of what he did like from the gear he used and started Lexdray. He's since teamed up with the Wendel production company to present video overviews of pieces from Lexdray's Classified Collection, the latest featuring the Aspen Soft Case. The water resistant accessories pouch is lined with soft micro-fleece and can store any variety of valuables, from glasses to an expensive timepiece. Learn more about it by viewing the video after the click, then head over to Lexdray's online store to buy.