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NEIGHBORHOOD x MAD - Capsule Collection

On paper, the team-up of of NEIGHBORHOOD and MAD may not make very much sense. One is a no-frills Japanese label obsessed with the hard edged imagery spewing from the subculture of motorcycles, the other is a lighthearted magazine of fun-poking aimed at every nook and cranny in pop culture. So despite the apparent disparity in their respective mission statements, the two are getting together for a small capsule collection. The pieces included of course bear the image of Alfred E. Neuman, MAD's pranskter mascot and long time inhabitant of t-shirts. The drop isn't without the NEIGHBORHOOD influence though, as the team applies a black and white touch for an interesting take on the buoyant imagery from MAD's catalog. Hit the jump to check out the hoodie as well and stick with us for more info on this collabo.