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Nike Basketball KOBESYSTEM: Level 7 Success At Success | With Richard Branson

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With a personal net worth of US$ 4.2 billion dollars (its a "b" as in "billions"), a business empire with interest in airlines, trains, wedding salons, music, and etc, Sir Richard Branson is not only the 4th richest person in England, he's also the most prolific thanks to his adventurous endeavors. For someone who conquered it all, from hot air balloon around the world and civilian flight to space, it turns out there is still much more room for improvement. According to the newly crowned master of motivational speaking, Kobe Bryant, and his intrepid training took, KOBESYSTEM, success at success is actually not the final step. Instead, success at success at success is the true pinnacle of success. Hysterical double talk indeed, watch a befuddled Richard Branson in the latest #KOBESYSTEM episode.