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2013 smart ForTwo

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Has the Smart car really been buzzing around the SUV-dominated North American market for five years now? Apparently so, and the Mercedes-Benz offshoot, Smart, believes its time for the new 2013 Smart ForTwo to receive a facelift. Based on the leaked and official photos, this second-generation minicar received new bumpers, flared front fenders, a refined front grille, and a shift in the placement of the Smart logo from the bonnet to the grille ultimately giving it a more sporty appearance. Buyers will also get a choice of three 1.0-liter three-cylinder engines, including a gas micro hybrid, a turbo petrol, and a cdi turbodiesel that lead to a new centrally-mounted set of dual exhaust pipes and the option of new fog lamps. Keep an eye out for the official launch at this  year's Geneva Motor Show in March. via: WCF