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Gizmon iCA Rangefinder For Apple iPhone 4

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There are a lot of apps out there to make your Apple iPhone pictures look vintage, but there's nothing else out there that makes your iPhone itself look as retro as the Gizmon iCA iPhone Case. Complete with two interchangeable lenses, this case turns your entire phone into an old-school camera with a functional shutter release button and space for a detachable tripod mount. The back of this super tough polycarbonate case leaves your screen open so you can view your shots and two holes on the side allow you to attach the strap of your choice. While the optical viewfinder works, the front center lens doesn't, but Gizmon did provide a mount allowing you to use miniature fisheye or macro lens with the iPhone's own camera. Check out more snaps of this case, which comes in black, brown, or white after the jump or at Four Corner Store online.