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Gorillaz x CONVERSE - Announcement from Murdoc Niccals

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Murdoc Niccals, the seedy member of Gorillaz made a surprising announcement this morning on the band's upcoming collaboration with CONVERSE. Sounded like a broadcast from a pirate radio station, Murdoc went on length about the start of the Chuck Taylor All Star project. What was originally a commemoration for the world's most famous virtual band's 10th anniversary quickly became a full-on creative session, which encompass four different designs and a special Gorillaz produces Three Artists, One Song campaign. With the collaboration's release date of February 23rd fast approaching, expect Murdoc and the rest of his cohorts will be making more impromptu statements in the near future. Meanwhile, hear the full transmission from Murdoc Niccals at the link below.

Release Date: February 23rd, 2012 (Thursday)