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Solebox x Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary

A look at the latest from the Reebok Workout 25th Anniversary Celebration collection reveals what is definitely the most straightforward design inspiration we've seen yet from the pack. Going hand in hand with the intended goal of fitness promoted by this OG sneaker from the Reebok Classics line, the Solebox team decided to embark on a mission to see who among them could shed the most pounds by the February 15th release date. And what better way to do that than to switch up your eating habits, like sticking to some fresh fish for protein. Riffing off their dietary choice, the sneaker gets a beautifully scaled fish leather upper in a burnt brown tone, a first for a pair of Reeboks. Follow us after the jump for the full look for this Solebox edition of the Reebok Workout 25h Anniversary. via HS

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