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BNE - Signed Skateboard Deck Giveaway

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BNE was once menacing the streets of major cities with his throw-ups and stickers. Although in recent times, he has set up the BNE Water Foundation, where he aims to use his brand to help the needy. BNE has set his focus to providing clean water to the people who needed it the most. The mission is fairly simple: the foundation will collect donations and they will funnel it through to areas that could benefit from cleaner water. In order to attract more donations, BNE is giving away three of his own skateboard decks, complete with his signature. To be eligible to win these boards, BNE would like a donation of $20 from you. The giveaway will be closing today, Thursday, February 2nd at 6pm PST. Find out more about the foundation on the BNE website and make the small donation to help out.