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The Nike Sole - For Use With The Össur's Flex-Run Prosthetic Blade

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Sarah Reinersten is the first woman on a prosthetic leg to complete an Ironman Triathlon (that's a 2.6 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run, back to back to back--which is tiring enough just to write out), so she knows a thing or two about her craft and the challenges other amputee athletes face. Now, thanks to a collaboration between Nike, the prosthetic innovators at Ã–ssur, and Reinersten, amputee athletes have one less obstacle to overcome with the addition of the Nike Sole, which takes running shoe technology and makes Ã–ssur's Flex-Run even better. Using a thermal plastic urethane called Aeroply, which is made of recycled Nike Air Bags units, and nine nylon plastic tabs, the impact-absorbing Sole attaches to the carbon fiber Flex-Run blade allowing for a smoother ride compared to Flex-Run alone, ultimately taking less out of the athlete. Check out the unveiling of the Nike Sole after the jump as well as additional shots of Reinersten in action.