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Calvin and Hobbes - Rare Watercolor Illustration Original To Be Auctioned

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For many of us, Calvin and Hobbes miraculously transmuted the wonder of early childhood into discrete comic strip panels. And not just the sense of adventure and imagination, but also boredom, pathos, and most importantly, friendship, as the series chronicled the exploits of a spiky-haired moppet named Calvin and his stuffed tiger companion, Hobbes. The comic strip ran from 1985 and ended in 1995, when creator Bill Watterson announced that he had accomplished all he could within the parameters of the comic strip medium. And now fans of Calvin and Hobbes will have the opportunity to own an ultra-rare piece of original artwork by Bill Watterson through public auction, something that's never before happened. The ink and watercolor illustration, depicting the titular characters napping peacefully under the shade of an autumn tree, will be part of Heritage Auctions' Vintage Comics & Comic Art Signature event in New York on February 23rd. The piece is expected to fetch at least $50,000. via: Artdaily