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FTC - Promo Part 1 (VX) | Video

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San Francisco's FTC began its rise to the top of skate culture from in the back of a ski and tennis shop in 1986 and by the time they opened their first shop in 1994, FTC was strongly positioned to ride the rise of street skating as it grew its own personal, grassroots style. Over the years, FTC has also attracted and nurtured riders from all around the world and have showcased their skills through a steady stream of short videos and clips. Now for the first time FTC is working on a new full-length video that features its team from the around the world and has dropped a three-and-a-half minute promo ahead of its launch later this year. This promo features the likes of Jack Curtin, Brian Delatorre, Marquise Henry, Karl Watson, and Adrian Williams as they crash the streets of San Francisco, Barcelona, and Toyko. Check out the Part 1 of the promo after the jump.