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Hasbro - Nerf Lazer Tag - To Use iOS & Augmented Reality For HUD Function

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Hasbro's Lazer Tag System for 2012 has been updated so you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch to provide heads-up display and increase your firing distance of over 250 feet. The Nerf Blaster is equipped with a slot into which you can drop in your iDevice, and once you've downloaded the free app, you can use it to monitor your gear and power levels, as well as start and host multiplayer games with up to 23 other players. The app also features a global Lazer Tag leaderboard and keeps track of user profile and stats, plus you'll be able to unlock rewards like a more powerful virtual blaster. While the system allows for a single player experience with enhanced with augmented reality, the real fun will be to dispatch your friends with extreme prejudice, and use blast trajectory to see exactly where you shot them. The new and improved Lazer Tag Blasters will be available in stores starting August 1st, retailing for $40 individually or $70 for a set of two. via: The Verge