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Star Wars x Xbox 360 Kinect Limited Edition Bundle | Release Info

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Its been a long seven months since we first learned that Microsoft‘s Xbox division would be releasing a Star Wars x Xbox 360 Kinect Limited Edition Bundle, but the long-awaited release info is here. Available for pre-order now on Amazon at $449, this bundle includes a 320GB Xbox 360 featuring a unique R2-D2 design complete with a blue light and R2-D2 sounds, a first-ever all-white Kinect sensor, a C-3PO themed gold metallic controller, and two games: Kinect Star Wars and Kinect Adventures. Using the Kinect sensor, you’ll be able to fully immerse yourself into the Star Wars universe where you can use the Force, ride a Pod Racer, and jump, fight, and kick your way through the 20+ adventures. So, whether you needed a new Xbox (or not) or just needed the latest Star Wars fix, head over to Amazon to get yourself set-up for its April 3rd, 2012 launch.

Release Date: April 3rd, 2012 (Tuesday)