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The Most Expensive Car Accident - 2011 | Aftermath Video

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Back in December we told you about a roadway mishap in Japan that many had taken to calling the world's most expensive car accident. In case you missed it, here's a synopsis: a caravan of exotic sports and luxury cars were on their way to a weekend motor festival when one Ferrari driver attempted to change lanes and hit a barrier, skidding out of control and causing the vehicles behind him to collide into one another. The resulting list of casualties: eight Ferraris, three Mercedes, one Lamborghini and a couple of Toyotas. 14 vehicles in all, with damages estimated at over $1 million. (Thankfully, zero human casualties.) In the event your morbid curiosity and/or sense of schadenfreude is still not satisfied, click through for video of the gruesome aftermath. An appropriate title for the short film? Ferrari Graveyard. via: Jalopnik