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UMBRO Classic Sportswear

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To celebrate the 88th Anniversary of Umbro sportswear, the brand has put together a four piece Classic Sportswear collection to recognize its unique soccer heritage ahead of the upcoming Spring/Summer 2012 season. Tapping into its line of classic silhouettes, Umbro redesigned its '66 Anthem Jacket, the Mexico '70 Jersey, the Taped Track Jacket, and the Drill Top with an eye toward making a stitch-by-stitch recreation of the original with a few modern refinements. While each offers a comfortable and stylish option, the most famous piece of the line-up is the Anthem Jacket, which outfitted the English national team in their 1966 victory over Germany in the World Cup, which cemented Umbro's already-solid reputation as a leader in top-notch sportswear. This Classic Sportswear collection is available at Umbro's online store and each piece is presented with a premium boot bag.