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Bentley Continental GT V8 - Flying Over Munich | Video

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Bentley's logo may have wings, but the vehicles themselves don't. This doesn't necessarily preclude automotive flight, however -- the British luxury carmaker debuted its new 4.0-liter V8 Continental GT coupe over the city of Munich, as the vehicle soared above downtown buildings tethered to a helicopter. While curious onlookers gawked, the car arrived at its destination on a special podium atop a high-rise near Munich's city center. Klaus Becker, general manager of Bentley Munich, would dryly comment that the helicopter was simply "the fastest way to get to the rooftop podium." 300 VIP guests celebrated the launch of the Continental V8 nearby at the SkyLounge, situated in a bridge between two skyscrapers.  Check out video of the airborne journey following the click.