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Stussy - Parra Interview | Video

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Over the years, the almost thirty-year-old Stussy brand has collaborated with a variety of artists to bring their own unique flavor to their apparel. For their upcoming Spring 2012 Collection, Stussy paired up with Dutch artist Parra, who is well-known in streetwear circles for his signature curvy images, bold colors, vibrant lettering, and interesting characters across a variety of media, including paintings, animation, and sculpture. In a video from his Amsterdam studio, Parra discusses the sources of his inspiration that make their way into his art -- including a short-lived role as a foster parent of a crow, his love of old-school comic books (and hate of the color yellow), and his own father's interest in drawings nude chubby women -- which help to explain the evolution of his style into what we see today. Check out the interview after the jump and make sure to hit Stussy's webstore to pick up these limited edition T-shirts.