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Apple announces OS X Mountain Lion - Inspired by the iPad

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Back in October 2010, Apple debuted OS X 10.7 Lion, which was the first upgrade to the Mac OS X operating system that clearly demonstrated just how much the features of Apple's iPhones and iPad's own operating system, iOS, have influenced the look and feel of the Mac of the future. In short, Lion brought a bunch of the iOS features to the Mac, including the App Store, FaceTime video chat, and different screen modes. But, Apple couldn't stop there; there was so much more that Apple wanted to integrate back into the Mac from their handheld cousins that it needed an additional upgrade. Unveiled today, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion does just that, both in name and functionality. Mountain Lion continues to weave together the two operating systems - iOS and OS X - tightly together with a host of new Mac-bound iOS features, including integration with iCloud, the centralized Notification Center, a swap out of iChat for Messages, and the addition of Notes, Reminders, and the Gaming Center. Differences in the user interface, however, are hard to notice, which allows Apples developers to project the launch of the software for this summer via its Mac App Store. Get a sneak peak of what your Mac has in store after the jump and in Apple's own demostration of the software here.