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PROJECT Show Las Vegas Palladium Boots Fall/Winter 2012 "New Take On Urban Terrain"

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Just days after its debut on the cusp of high fashion in New York City as part of Richard Chai's runway, staffers at Palladium Boots already busied themselves with designs for the next season. Whereas the focus in the past was bound by its heritage as the boot maker for French Foreign Legion, Palladium Boots is moving to a "playful" interpretation this year with its Palladium Sport collection. Already available in the current offering as the Blanc Hi and Blanc Ox , Palladium Sport introduces a lively alternative to sneakers with its colorful canvas upper and lightweight rugged lug outsole in contrast white. By finding an ideal substitute in leather, Palladium Boots will be releasing sturdy variants of Blanc Hi & Ox for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2012 seasons, though still in the same vibrant silhouette. It serves as the perfect juxtaposition to the collaborations with Richard Chai, which will also be available around the same time.