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visvim - Curso Parka

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Here is the latest piece from visvim, which is a modern take on the classic mountain parka silhouette. From the exterior, the Curso Parka does not show design elements commonly seen on visvim's technical apparel - such as welded details, velcro adjusters or waterproofed zippers. However, the interior of the parka is laminated with Gore-Tex Paclite shell, giving it water resistance and breathability when needed. On the outer layer, 100% cotton fabric is used to give it a soft texture imitating vintage outdoor wear. All of the inner seams are sealed with custom taping that features floral patterns inspired from traditional Japanese designs. This item is currently available through end clothing in UK.

End Clothing
4-6 High Bridge | Map
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE1 1EN, England