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FESSTKO – Spring 2012 Collection

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When it comes to underground scenes, Tokyo has plenty. In fact, there are as many underground icons as there are mainstream icons. Far East Smokin’ Skidderz are an underground Tokyo based fixed gear bicycle crew who loves to tackle steep hills in Tokyo, thus their name. They have gained a cult following due to their fearless riding styles and have successfully launched their own apparel line, FESSTKO. The crew has close connections with skateboarders and artists in Tokyo as well, giving an opportunity for their label to cross pollinate beyond fixed gear bicycle scene. Here we take a look at their Spring 2012 collection which is made up of outerwear, hoodies, t-shirts and bandannas. All of the products feature artwork by graffiti writer Drop, who is also a member of the crew. They recently held an exhibition at gallery space Furaidou in Tokyo as well. via: