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Nike HTM Flyknit Presentation With Hiroshi Fujiwara & Mark Parker

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In the words of Mark Parker, think of "HTM as the AMG of sneakers", performance tuned and highly stylized. HTM which is now just over 10 years old is the collaborative efforts of Japanese style icon Hiroshi Fujiwara, then designers Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker. The three of which may also be the founding fathers behind what is now the Nike Innovation Kitchen. Last night, Nike held a private media event at 21 Mercer to celebrate the latest innovation and the newest addition to the HTM family with Hiroshi Fujiwara and Mark Parker. In addition to presenting the HTM Fly Knit, the two also answered questions on the history of HTM and offered some insights on the HTM model. Interesting to note is that as the team brainstorms, cost is never a factor in deciding how a Nike HTM sneaker is designed, only the best materials and technologies are considered. Thus the reason for the higher prices for HTM versions of the sneakers but you are paying for the innovation of three of the most successful designers in the sneaker world. Take a look below for a visual recap from the event including photos of early samples and a shoe timeline of Nike HTM (there are a shoe or two missing.)