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Nike To Officially Join "Linsanity" - Nike Basketball Extends Jeremy Lin's Contract and a Hyperfuse 2011 P.E.

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A raise to stardom that caught even the most seasoned sports reporters off guard, the success of Jeremy Lin reached a culmination of sort today as Nike extended its contract with the New York Knicks point guard. An extension to the original 2010 contract Lin signed after graduating from Harvard and before his rookie season at Golden State Warriors, the purported deal also offers Lin with his own signature footwear, rumored as the Nike Hyperfuse 2011 "Linsanity" P.E. in Knicks' coloways of orange, blue, and white. While no details are available at this time. Nike will most likely coincide Lin's recent fame, both here but especially abroad in China, with a new marketing campaign. The news, first reported by Beijing Business Today and ESPN Radio, is seen by some as a preemptive move by Nike before its Chinese competitors, such as Li Ning and Peak Sports, make their offers to Lin. More information to come as all sides pan out all the details. In the meantime, Nike Basketball just updated its site with a post titled "When Your Number Is Called, Be Ready."

When your number is called, be ready.

Jeremy Lin might not have been a household name a few weeks ago, but he was still in the gym. Still putting in time to be the best player that he could be because he believed. Through being undrafted and cut, and then sitting on the bench in New York, Lin believed he would get his opportunity to show that he belonged in the NBA. He did get that opportunity and when it arrived, he was ready. Basketball never stopped for Lin, even when the circumstances were not what he had hoped.

While a 6-foot-3 point guard from Harvard isn't the prototypical NBA player, when you boil it down, what matters isn't who you are, but what you can do. Thanks to his hard work ethic and commitment to getting better, Lin has proven he can do the things necessary to be an NBA point guard. In the past two weeks, he's shown he can be the starting point guard for a New York Knicks team that was desperate for stability. 

Since Lin has taken over the reins at the one spot, the Knicks have won seven straight games. Lin is averaging 24.4 points and 9 assists per game over those seven victories. He's getting his teammates -all of them involved and he's changed the spirit of the team. He's gone from last man on the bench to playing under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden and his transition has been a smooth one because he was ready. Whether you're playing under bright lights with the biggest stars in the game or in a dimly-lit gym by yourself, play for the right reasons, train as though you're training for your big break and when it comes, you'll be ready.