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APPLEBUM x UNDFTD - Kickz Heads T-Shirt

As UNFTD's quest for global domination progresses, so too does their deep list of collaborative projects. It turns out they're moving across town, relocating their space in Shizuoka and putting together a limited tee with Applebum to celebrate the move. The piece reflects the sketched out style of their last get together, this time paying homage to the consumers that keep boutiques like this ticking around the world. We've all either been the kid shown here or seen him around from time to time, so the 'Kickz Heads' graphic certainly is familiar. Follow us after the jump for the full look and the Applebum x UNDFTD Kickz Heads t-shirt, which will be launching this Saturday, February 25th for 6,090 yen at the UNFTD Shizuoka chapter.