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CONVERSE Music Collaboration "Three Artists. One Song" | Download Link

A cartoon band is collaborating with a sneaker company, a spaced-out rapper from Atlanta, and a electronic revivalist to release a track? This must be the future. The product of the latest CONVERSE music collaboration is here as promised, with James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), Andre 3000, and Gorillaz holding down the track. The song, entitled "DoYaThing", is the sixth entry into the Three Artists. One Song project from the All-Star brand, which seeks to link up creative types from disparate genres for the sake of music. 2D of Gorillaz trades verses with Andre while Murphy stays in crooning mode over the hook. Head over to Converse real quick to download the exclusive release, and don't forget about the co-branded Gorillaz x Converse pack that dropped today.