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NEXUSVII - NEX-WCS LV3 Windstopper R-Vest

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NEXUSVII is having a strong year so far, especially considering the brand is coming off of a range of popular collaborations made to celebrate their 10th year in business. Their latest Spring 2012 release is the NEX-WCS LV3 Windstopper R-Vest, which blends the needs of indoor fashion with the fabrics built to meet outdoor military specifications. The GORE-TEX WINDSTOPPER technology built into this reversible vest does all the work for you and is made to be warn as an outer layer either on its own or with other LV1 or LV2 pieces to make for comprehensive coverage. Arriving in two colorways, Midnight Navy and Black Coffee, each has a matching Gingham inner with its own built-in features, including two hand pockets that give it a distinctive look when compared to the four patch pocket layout on the front. You can pick up this Windstopper R-Vest now from NEXUSVII retailers like the folks over at ZOZOTOWN.