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BMW Concept M135i

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In the car business, rumors fly fast. But all the buzz around BWM adding a turbocharged, gas-powered 1-series hatchback to their M Performance brand line-up at the Geneva Motor Show was right on. Arriving under the label of Concept M135i, this car features a turbocharged gas-fed 3.0 liter in-line 6 engine that is, according to BMW, capable of pushing “more than 300 horsepower” through its rear-wheel-drive transmission. Production is centered on launching the M135i in Europe as early as July, but BMW fans will immediately notice a more aggressive front air intake, wider rear bodywork that nicely accommodates 18-inch wheels, and chromed-out exhaust tips. If you’re Stateside, stay tuned to hear if  the M135i will be making its way to you. In the meantime, check out more looks at this hot new concept after the jump.  via: Autoblog