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Spike Lee's Jeremy Lin Mars Blackmon T-Shirt

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It's no secret that Spike Lee is a New York Knicks fan or that the phenomenon that is Jeremy Lin is just crazy, even with an end to their eight-game winning streak. So what better way to cement the impact that Lin has had on the franchise and the game than Spike Lee himself wearing a Mars Blackmon-inspired tee to show his Knicks pride in front of the cameras. Built by the guys over at The Forest Lab, the tee comes in either a black, white, or blue background and features Lin donning a hat that says "BAL#!LIN" and a pair of hipster glasses straight out of Spike's movie She's Gotta Have It. While we probably won't be seeing Lin himself in this get-up, we'll definitely be seeing a lot more of the former Nike pitchman in the coming months. Check it out after the jump before picking up a tee of your own at The Forest Lab's online store. via: Sportsgrid